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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

David Delaney, MA, CAR, LPC

Masters in Counseling Psychology
Professional Counselor Licensed Colorado
Neurofeedback Certified
Nationally Certified EMDR Psychotherapist
Clinical Adjunct Supervisor at Access Counseling in Boulder (2007-2009)
Colorado Long Term Care Ombudsman Certification

Body & Client centered
Mindfulness Approach (32 years training & experience)
Self-Regulation Improvement
Mood Disorders / Depression
Anxiety / ADD/ADHD
Focus/Concentration Enhancement
Traumatic Brain Injury
Sleep Issues
PTSD/Trauma resolution (especially for those who cannot process with EMDR)
Peak Performance / Stress & Overload Resolution
Phone: 303-449-2004
Locations: 700 East Belleview Ave, Suite 350, Greeenwood Village/Den. Tech Center, CO
3445 Penrose Place, Suite 140, Boulder, CO


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